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We are your power carving specialists. We stock a full range of high-quality micro motor carving tools - offering you the best value in each price range. If you're not sure which type of tool would be best for your needs, give us a call.

  • Mobile 1 Portable Micromotor Kit

    Mobile 1 Portable Micro Motor Kit

    This is a truly portable micro motor. The built-in rechargeable battery will provide up to 140 minutes of use. It can also be plugged in and used directly on 120-220V wall current. The handpiece has a 3/32" collet and is lightweight, comfortable and very smooth to use. There is even a soft pouch case that allows you to wear the unit over your neck or shoulder. Complete kit is supplied with a variable-speed power controller with forward and reverse, power cord/charger, 33,000RPM handpiece, foot control, handpiece cradle, soft pouch case and custom-fitted metal carrying case. One-year unconditional warranty covers everything except the batteries.

  • Maxima 40 Micromotor Set

    Maxima 40 Micro Motor Set

    It was a sad day here when we got word that our trusty TPS micro motors were going to be discontinued by the manufacturer. As with any proven tool, our concern was whether the new tool would be as good as the one it was replacing. The New Maxima 40 is everything we hoped it would be. Reasonably priced and offering excellent "bang for the buck", it runs smoothly and quietly up to speeds of 40,000RPM, and the new smaller handpiece feels great in the hand. The Maxima 40 micro motor set is supplied with a variable-speed foot control, 1/8" collet and a quick-change 3/32" collet adapter, a rubber handpiece cradle, extra fuse, extra motor brushes, and it still comes with our unconditional one year warranty that covers everything (including bearings!).

  • Maxima 80 Micromotor Set

    Maxima 80 Micro Motor Set

    Using the same handpiece as the Maxima 40, the Maxima 80 micro motor set offers an upgraded power supply for unmatched torque control. Its unique "Torque" adjustment allows you to increase or decrease torque as desired. The all-metal case and heavier control circuit/transformer are designed to give you many years of service even with extensive use. The Maxima 80 is supplied with a variable-speed foot control, 1/8" collet and a quick-change 3/32" collet adapter, a rubber handpiece cradle, extra fuse, extra motor brushes, and it comes with our unconditional one year warranty that covers everything.

  • Grande Micromotor Kit

    Grande Micro Motor Kit

    Digital controller controls supplied digital brushless handpiece and an optional brush type (5 pin) analogue handpiece (eg. Maxima). variable speed from 1,000 to 50,000RPM, RPM digital display. computer controlled torque system, more torque than any other micromotor. Instant forward/reverse direction changes, incredibly smooth & vibration free. Supplied with controller, one digital 50,000rpm handpiece with a 1/8" collet and 3/32" quick-change collet adapter, foot control, 30 piece diamond bit set and comes with our unconditional two year warranty that covers everything.

  • Foredom 1070 Micro Motor Kit

    Foredom 1070 Micromotor Kit

    Great features and value in a lower-priced micro motor tool. Features speeds up to 38,000RPM with forward and reverse. Includes controller, handpiece with 3/32" collet, variable-speed foot control, handpiece cradle, collet wrenches, spare motor brushes and fuse. Will operate on 120V or 220V current using the built-in selector switch. Optional on-off foot control available separately. One year warranty.

  • NSK Evolution Micromotor Set

    NSK Evolution micro motor set

    NSK tools feature lots of torque and incredibly smooth, vibration free operation. It's built to outlast any other similar tool. Other features include quick-release bit change, easy to change collets, and excellent constant speed control even at low RPM's. NSK Evolution has a powerful brushless DC motor in the handpiece providing high torque and is vibration-free, speeds from 1,000-40,000RPM. The control unit has gradual start, quick stop, and feedback circuitry that maintains constant speeds even under load. The control unit has a large speed control dial with digital read out and flashing load indicator. Includes controller and 40,000RPM brushless handpiece, 1/8" and 3/32" collets, handpiece holder and handpiece cradle.


PyroPaper is specially designed paper for pyrographic artists. Draw directly on it, or use it in your laser or inkjet printer. Once you attach it to your burning surface (usually with masking tape), you can burn right through it! Speeds up pattern layout and provides faster, more consistent results. Supplied in a package of 50 sheets 8.5"x11".

Foredom Angle Grinder Kit

Foredom's versatile new 2" angle grinder is a compact, lightweight and easy to manage attachment for working on virtually any material using 2" and smaller accessories. Kit includes a #30 handpiece and the Angle Grinder Head with short hub and 120 grit flap wheel installed; tools and drive pin to attach the grinder to any #30 handpiece.

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