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Carving Supplies

We stock a wide range of carving tools and supplies.

Optivisor Magnifiers

Having trouble seeing the fine detail? We have the solution! From our convenient clip-on magnifiers through economical Opti-SIGHT™ magnifiers to the top-of-the-line OptiVISOR™ headband magnifiers, you will find a magnifier to suit your needs. They are all comfortable to wear, easy on the eyes.

Cape Forge Knives

Cape Forge knives are all individually hand forged using a traditional coal fire and a power hammer. Heat treated to Rockwell 62c because this is as hard as you can comfortably create a blade without it becoming too brittle. The knives are then triple-tempered.

Bandsaw Blades

Having the right blade can make a huge difference in the ease of cutting out your blanks. The Olson blades we sell are 3/16" deep, 4 teeth per inch (TPI), skip tooth. They are very sharp, smooth cutting (for a 4TPI blade), and long-lasting.

Sanding Sticks and Blocks

Sanding sticks are useful for all kinds of clean-up work on carvings of almost any size. Sanding blocks use a small belt - easily made from sandpaper of your choice with 1" super-bond tape, they work on flat and concave surfaces; a real time-saver.

CA (Cyanoacrylate) Glue

Sometimes called Super Glue, CA (cyanoacrylate) glue is very versatile and popular for many applications from general repair to strengthening and fabrication. For most carvers, a 1/2 oz. bottle will last a long time.

Epoxy Paste and Glue

Epoxy glue and paste is great for general gluing and assembly, especially on larger projects like whale carving and on large areas where CA glue would be impractical. Epoxy putty is great for small patch jobs and for setting glass eyes.

Brass Rod, Tubing and Sheet

Brass rod and tubing is unmatched for making structural components on your carvings. Great for bird feet, branches, leaves and structural support. Brass sheet is ideal for making leaves, loose bark and for webbing in duck feet.

Aluminum, Copper and Tin

We also have a selection of aluminum and copper tubing and sheet material available.