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Air Brushes

We sell select airbrushes from Badger, Harder & Steenbeck and Iwata. Each airbrush we offer is selected for its value, quality and serviceability. We carry a full stock of replacement parts and accessories for each and every one of these airbrushes, so you can be assured that the airbrush you buy today will serve you for many years to come, even if something breaks or wears out. If you are not sure which airbrush would be right for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will help you select the best airbrush for your needs.

Harder & Steenbeck Air Brushes

When we first encountered Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes, we were blown away by their quality, innovation and attention to detail. They have been building airbrushes in Germany for more than 50 years and have proven themselves among the best airbrushes made.

Iwata Air Brushes

Every Iwata airbrush we stock has a dual-purpose, cutaway and pre-set handle for easy cleanup and precise paint flow control. They all use teflon needle packing, permitting use of automotive and other solvent based paints. Redesigned gravity-feed cups ensures easier cleanup and better paint flow.

Badger Air Brushes

Badger airbrushes are value-priced, reliable workhorses, used by artists of all skill levels. All Badger airbrushes carry a lifetime labour warranty and are fully backed by Badger's exceptional customer service. We stock an extensive selection of airbrushes, parts and accessories.

Air Brush Compressors

We carry Harder & Steenbeck's Eurotec 10A oil-less piston air compressor. The Iwata Smart-Jet and Power-Jet Lite and Pro compressors. The Badger Silent air compressor with a 1/5HP motor, this is truly a silent air compressor. Ideal for heavy users or in situations where noise could be of a concern.

Paints & Artist Brushes

Artist Brushes

We stock by Scharff, Silver Brush, Loew Cornell and Robert Simmons, offering a full selection of brushes from synthetic to the finest quality Kolinsky sable. These brushes have all been selected because of their suitability for bird and fish painting.

Atelier Free Flow

A professional quality acrylic with unique characteristics and maximum pigment load. Utilising the latest advances in pigment and polymer technology. Atelier Free Flow is the most fluid and vivid acrylic on the market.

Jo Sonja's Acrylics

Jo Sonja's acrylics are used by many of the world's best carvers. They give a suede matte finish for lifelike plumage on bird carvings or a pleasing finish on flat surfaces.

Chroma Airbrush Colors

Chroma airbrush paints have been specifically designed for airbrush use by wildlife carvers. The colours are ideally suited for bird plumage and other earthy colours found in nature. Chroma airbrush paints use the same pigments, finish, and quality as Jo Sonja's colours, so Jo Sonja's and Chroma airbrush paints are fully compatible.

Keith Mueller Color Harmony & Dynamic Mixing Guide

Keith Mueller Color Harmony & Dynamic Mixing Guide, KT Super Sealer, brush soap, Vermiculating Pen, etc.