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Power Carving Tools

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty rotary tool for fast rough work, a micromotor tool for finer work or an ultra high speed turbine for extremely delicate work, we can meet your needs. We also have a great selection of burs of all types. Not only do we sell a great selection of tools and burs, but we service most of them right here in our shop, for fast turnaround and unmatched convenience. Not sure what tool is best for you? Contact us. Our expert advice is always free!

Foredom Flex-Shaft Tools

If you are going to buy a flex shaft tool, buy the best - Foredom. As a Foredom dealer and service depot, we can meet all of your power carving needs. We service what we sell. We also stock bearings and lots of other repair parts.

Micro Motor Machines

We have a selection of micro motor tools from our Maxima 40 to our Grande and also the Foredom 1070. With speeds ranging from 33,000RPM to 50,000RPM, you are sure to find a unit that will match your needs and budget.

Ultra High Speed Air Turbines

Ultra high speed tools tools will spin 1/16" dental burs (often called friction-grip burs) at speeds between 320,000RPM and 400,000RPM. At those speeds, you can carve almost any material - including wood, most metals, glass, antler, bone, even stone and eggshell!

Power Carving Accessories

Cutter and rotary tool quality: To get the best results and longest tool life, be sure to choose a good rotary tool and buy the best cutters you can. Cheap rotary tools use either a bulky chuck system or a cheap 4-jaw collet. Bits will not run true in these collets or chucks, resulting in bit run-out that causes vibration and greatly reduces the bits cutting ability, accuracy and life. All of our rotary tools use precision 3-jaw collets (or an actual Jacobs chuck in the #30 Foredom handpiece), resulting in a true-running bit that cuts efficiently, accurately and runs smoothly. All of the bits that we carry are very high quality, true-running bits that will last well when properly used and cared for. Remember - you get what you pay for, so there will always be a trade-off when you see a lower-priced bit. It is a good rule of thumb that the most expensive bits we sell are the most economical in the long run. Diamond burs cost less per running hour than rubies, and solid carbide stump burs are a lot less expensive per running hour than HS steel stump burs.

Power Carving Abrasives

Abrasive cutters remove material by grinding it off in small particles. They are generally easy to control, and they cut equally well in forward or reverse. Coarser abrasive cutters can remove wood very quickly. Very fine abrasives include stones and sanders and they cut slower but leave a smooth finish.

Power Carving Cutters

Sharp Cutters generally give a faster cut with a smoother finish than abrasives. However, sharp cutters generally do not cut in reverse, making them awkward when it is necessary to carve against the grain. They are often harder to control and may have a tendency to grab into, and run along the work being carved.

Air Turbine FG Burs

We have a full selection of high-quality FG (friction-grip) 1/16" shank burs to fit your ultra-high speed air turbine. our selection includes carbide, diamonds and stone burs as well as rubber polishers.

Power Carving Miscellaneous

Mandrels, rotary bristle and wire brushes, felt and cloth buffers, buffing and polishing compounds, cut-off wheels, bur holders and cleaners for diamond and ruby burs.