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Reference Material

Bird Study Casts

All of our study casts are excellent quality, highly detailed and accurate. We currently carry casts by Bob Guge and Jeff Whiting. You will be amazed how much easier carving, detailing, and painting can be when you have a study cast handy. You can even practise your painting on them - acrylic paints strip off with denatured (ethyl) alcohol.

Fish Study Casts

Clark Schreibeis has produced flat-backed casts for reference or painting practice. Each is full-sized with superb fin, mouth, and scale detail. Species include: Brown Trout, Northern Pike, Bluegill, Large-mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Black Crappie and Walleye.

Two full-body fish studycasts by Josh Guge, a Bluegill and a Smallmouth Bass. Fully scaled and beautifully detailed.

Study Bills

Nothing can take the guess work out of bird bills and eyes like a study bill. Our new line of taxidermy style bills are cast from the real thing, capturing all of the detail and subtle shapes of a live bird. They include the full bill and skull, along with eye sockets. We stock most common North American bills. Remember - it's impossible to accurately carve a bill unless you have the right reference.

Cast Pewter Bird Feet

We stock two styles of bird feet. Both are excellent quality, cast by Richard Delise (one piece feet) and Bob Miller (two piece feet), with minute detail faithfully reproduced. The one piece feet have been cast from the actual species so they are great for reference if you want to make your own feet.

Cast Pewter Bird Feet

These are illustrated notes from most of Cam's carving classes. Many have found these notes useful for reminding them of steps used in previous carvings, and others have used them to tackle a carving they might not have otherwise done. Notes include information on reference line layout, blocking out cuts, rounding, texturing, and painting as well as a pattern.

Reference Photo Books

Reference Photo Booklets; some by Alberta photographer Dean Davenport and others by Cam Merkle. Each package contains excellent photos of the subject, taken from various angles. These are high-quality photos taken with the carver and artist in mind.Each booklet contains 20-30 great reference photos that you will find most useful for your carving and painting projects.