About Us

As always, we are proud of every quality item we make, from the smallest pyrography tips and the several choices in machines to power them to our Razaire MINI Smoke Extractor.

History: In 1984 while burning feather texture onto a decorative decoy carving, founder Cam Merkle felt that the tool he was using left much to be desired. Razertip® was born. Since then we have been innovating and improving how pyrographic tools and tips are made and used. We have created the largest selection of unique tips available to artists and established a reputation for exceptional service and warranty. From the smallest and coolest pens in peoples' hands to the most stable and reliable power supplies on the market worldwide, there is no other tool quite like a Razertip® tool. We can be found in many hobby and specialty woodworking stores globally.

Razertip is Family owned and operated, in its second generation of ownership. We have an impressive team working hard to continue inspiring, innovating, and providing world-class products and customer service. We love feedback of all kinds, this is how we get better, so drop us a line. Thanks for stopping by!