Warranty Information


Razertip burners - 3 years on the power supply.
Razertip Pens - 1 year on all handpieces including fixed tips.
Razertip Interchangeable Tips - 90 days.
Re-tipped Pens - The new replacement tip is covered by a full, unconditional 6 month warranty.
Razaire Mini X60 Smoke Extractor - 3 years.
Razaire 530 - 5 years on the impeller (fan), 10 years on all other parts of the power unit.

All products manufactured by Razertip have unconditional warranties that cover everything (and we mean everything!) Even if you drop your pen and break the tip - it is covered!

Pyrography Equipment Safety

Razertip values the safety of our customers and we make sure our pyrography tools comply with the required safety standards that are enforced in many jurisdictions. Certification marks offer peace of mind to retailers and consumers alike. The safety marks show that a product has been independently tested and certified to meet recognized standards for safety.

Intertek c/us certification mark
The 120V 60Hz Razertip P80, SS-D10 and SK pyrography burners and the Razaire 530 dust collector manufactured for North America, have been certified by Intertek for Canada and the United States of America and carry the "ETL c-us" mark. Intertek conducts four unannounced audits every year at our production facility to ensure our products meet the applicable Canadian and American standards.

CE mark
A certificate of conformity to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC has been issued by TUV Rheinland for the 230V 50HZ Razertip SS-D10 and the SK manufactured for the European Union member states. They meet the RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive and are also certified EMC compliant and carry the CE marking.

Australian C-Tick certification mark
The 240V 50Hz Razertip SK and the SS-D10 pyrography tools manufactured for Australia are C-Tick certified #N11614.