Pyrography Tip Shapes

The pyrography tips that started it all back in 1985! "Razer" sharp and super fine. We sharpen and polish our sharp tips to a Razer-sharp edge. Many Razer-tips can burn more than 120 lines per inch right out of the package! We now produce more than 900 different pyrography tip profiles and sizes plus custom tips, most in your choice of fixed or interchangeable tip styles. In 1996 we added our line of heavy-duty tips; the toughest hot wire tips ever made. Razertip not only makes the finest and sharpest, but the toughest, too! This full selection of pyrography tip shapes is unique to Razertip.

All of our pyrography pens with fixed tips carry a full one year unconditional warranty. If a fixed tip pen fails after one year, do not throw it out, we do replace broken or worn out pyrography tips. Interchangeable tips are warranted for 90 days. With so many tips to choose from we realize that selecting the right tip may be a bit of a challenge, we have grouped the pyrography tip styles together according to their most common uses. If you are not sure which tip or pen is best for your needs please contact us and we will help you pick just the right tool.

Heavy-Duty (HD) vs. Standard Tips

Our standard tips and standard fixed-tip pens are your best choice for fine detail work. They recover their heat more quickly than heavy duty pens and tips and most people find the standard pens more comfortable to hold. Heavy-duty pens and tips are your best choice for shading and applications where more "flat" pressure will be placed on the tip or where the tip is used for cutting. Heavy duty pens and tips also will stand up better to harder use. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and you may prefer the feel of heavy duty pens over standard pens..

Fixed-tip vs. Interchangeable

For the most part our advice is to use fixed-tip pens for those tip shapes that you will use a lot and consider getting one or two #BPH interchangeable-tip pens for lesser-used or home made tips. BPH pens have also proven very popular with Feather Former" Tips. Fixed-tip pens allow you to work with your fingers closer to your work surface, giving you better control over fine work. The laser-welded tip is usually more rigid than in our BPH pen, again, better control. Fixed-tip pens are essential when cutting any material, especially plastics or anything that melts. Melted material can get into contact areas on BPH pens and cause the tip to stop heating. All of our pens are relatively cool to operate, but BPH pens are generally the coolest-operating pens available. If you have very sensitive fingers or if you work at high heat settings you may find the BPH pens to be your best choice. One word of caution, however - if you decide on BPH pens and are planning to change tips, be sure to buy at least 2 pens because changing tips on a hot pen is no fun. Also, if you have 2 pens you will not need to change tips as often.