Razertip Scale-making Tips

The most comprehensive selection of scale tips for fish and reptile carvers in the world! We are sure to have the right scale-making tips for you. Different artists have different needs and different ways of forming scales. Because of this, we have a broad selection of scale tips in 8 different series. One is sure to be just right for you. All scale tips are available as interchangeable tips to fit our BPH Binding-post handpiece, or they can be purchased as fixed-tip pens. Many of our scale tips use laser-welding technology, resulting in a more uniform, durable tip than ever before possible. HD cord is recommended for all scale tips.

The Curves
picture of tip curves

Special shapes, sizes and styles. Over the years we have made special scale tips for reptiles and fantasy creatures like dragons. Supply us with a drawing of the scale you want and we'll make just the right tip for you - at the same price as a similar "in-stock" tip. Most custom tips can be supplied as either fixed-tips or interchangeable tips.