Razertip Cords and Adapters

About Razertip cords ... Handpiece cords are perhaps the trickiest component on a pyrographic tool. Besides having to sometimes handle up to 20 amps of current, they have to withstand constant flexing for hours on end. On top of that, they must maintain a perfect connection between the pen and the power supply - if the connection is reduced the ends can generate enough heat to melt the connectors! Razertip cords incorporate many unique features that make them the most reliable cord on the market. All of our RCA connectors are precision machined, then carefully inspected, fitted, and electrically reinforced. In other words, they are made to handle the current and tugging like no other plug. Then we install our unique flexible strain relief behind the plug. The strain relief spreads the flexing of the cord over a larger area, assuring many years of dependable service.

What's the difference between standard and Heavy-duty cords?

Standard "FL" cords (black plugs) use an 18-gauge cord for maximum flexibility. Heavy-duty cords (red plugs) use a 16-gauge cord for maximum current flow, but it is not quite as flexible. For fastest tip heat recovery we recommend the heavy-duty cord. While any of our pens will work on either "FL" or "HD" cords, heavy-duty pens work best with heavy-duty cords.