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Power to Fire Your Imagination

2013 marks Razertip Industries Inc., 28th year in business manufacturing pyrography wood burning tools and supplies. Even though we have over 860 woodburning tips, we have added a new series of tips and pens. This new series of 60 Feather Formers™ will be of special interest to bird carvers and will speed up the task of adding feather detail to their carvings. The Feather Formers™ can be used for pyrography where multiple fine lines are required such as feathers, hair, fur and grass. Customers like you are responsible for many of the suggestions that lead to new pyrography tip shapes that may be used for burning designs on wood, leather, paper, gourds, and almost anything that can be marked with a hot tip.

Razertip pyrography tools have also been used for cutting synthetic fabrics, shaping wax, trimming and welding plastic, cauterizing, and even for branding fish! Perhaps that explains why there are now so many pyrography tip shapes.

As always, we are proud of each and every item we make, from the smallest pyrography tip to our Razaire™ 530 portable dust management system. We're also proud to be represented by over 150 dealers in Canada, the USA, Australia, Norway, Holland, Italy, Denmark and the UK (and the list keeps growing). Of course we are always happy to take direct orders, but we strongly encourage you to check with your local supplier first, and be sure to support them. Local dealers support various clubs and groups and are able to provide quick assistance should you ever need it. Frankly, without the support of our excellent dealer network, Razertip® would not be where it is today. And speaking of clubs, they are the ones responsible for the huge number of shows all across North America. I urge you to not only support your local show by attending and/or entering some of your work, but by volunteering to help plan the show. I talk to many people involved in organizing shows, and they all have at least one thing in common: a lack of volunteers. By getting involved you will meet some of the nicest people possible (almost every carver I have met falls into this category), and you will be helping to promote a great activity.

A note about design, reliability and service: We believe that a good tool should do exactly what it claims and do it well. As the primary designer of all Razertip® pyrography tools and Razaire portable dust collectors, I design them first for myself. As a professional carver for nearly 25 years, I have a pretty good idea what I want in a tool. If I would not buy it myself, I would not expect you to. For that reason, we want to offer you exactly the type of service I expect from my favorite suppliers and tool makers. You have a full month to test drive anything we sell. If it's not what you expected, you can return it for exchange or for a full refund. If you have any suggestions that would improve our tools for your application, please, let us know. And don't ever throw out a broken pen or burner - they are almost always worth repairing.

Pyrography Equipment Safety

Razertip values the safety of our customers and we make sure our pyrography tools comply with the required safety standards that are enforced in many jurisdictions. Certification marks offer peace of mind to retailers and consumers alike. The safety marks show that a product has been independently tested and certified to meet recognized standards for safety.

CSA c/us mark graphic

The 120V 60Hz Razertip SK and SS-D10 pyrography burners and the Razaire 530 dust collector manufactured for North America, have been certified by CSA for Canada and the United States of America and carry the "CSA c/us" mark. CSA conducts four unannounced audits every year at our production facility to ensure our products meet the applicable Canadian and American standards, CSA Certified Product Listings. Making Razertip the only hot-wire pyrography tool that can legally be sold in every province and state in North America.

CE marking graphic

A certificate of conformity to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC has been issued by TUV Rheinland for the 230V 50HZ Razertip SK and the SS-D10 manufactured for the European Union member states. They meet the RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive and are also certified EMC compliant and carry the CE marking.

Australian C-Tick mark graphic

The 240V 50Hz Razertip SK and the SS-D10 pyrography tools manufactured for Australia are C-Tick certified #N11614.

We continue with our commitment to make the best pyrography tools in the world and to provide the best customer service possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions.

Cam Merkle, President.


PyroPaper is specially designed paper for pyrographic artists. Draw directly on it, or use it in your laser or inkjet printer. Once you attach it to your burning surface (usually with masking tape), you can burn right through it! Speeds up pattern layout and provides faster, more consistent results. Supplied in a package of 50 sheets 8.5"x11".

Keith Mueller Color Harmony & Dynamic Mixing Guide

Keith Mueller Color Harmony & Dynamic Mixing Guide - The best tool for understanding colour & colour harmony, along with understanding how pigments work together to create colour. Complete with manual.

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